Not a Couple?

Two people in a relationship are connected together by a sense of common destiny. A duet of dynamism in a developing relationship that changes the people within it and seeks a new solution to coexistence.

Not A couple? Offers the viewers to witness the result emerging from a long process, managed by matters of the heart. It may not necessarily for those who favour a traditional telling of the story, but it should be the ultimate treat for fans of innovative taste.  



"The wind blew as if to flake away their identities. 

At any moment the Martian air might draw her soul from her, as marrow comes from a white bone. She felt submerged in a chemical that could dissolve her intellect and burn away her past." 

Ray Bradbury "Dark they were, golden-eyed"

The solo piece was inspired by the Jerusalem lifestyle, which combines various lifestyles and attitudes, transformations, farewell to conventionalities in the view of national belonging.


Merge Into Surreal

The show is dealing with the complexity of different personality parts as they appear through the polar behavior of oneself, using relationship between people as an alegory. Two images on stage express one mind facing an inner battle.  


The show gives us a pick into what is going-on inside the mind of a young girl. Her personality parts are dramatically different from one another and yet thay manage to comunicate in a mutual dialogue of emotionsans. What first is a battle slowly becomes freandship - show develops to the unknown place.



A post-dramatic solo piece that tells the story of a woman that passes between spaces, trying to find her identity, as she is framed and defined by the two different cultures she is living in - East and West.

The show includes a Video Art piece made in collaboration with Tilt-Up studios.


Was performed in OPEN LOOK International Festival 2021 in St. Petersburg and was invited to perform in Lebanon International Contemporary Dance Festival 2021.


In Time of Plague

upcoming Premiere

The performance is about the dark period of the middle ages, when a horrible plague was spreading around the world while simultaneously a culture of renaissance was born spreading light in the darkness. 

Six dancers on stage accompanied by the musician, vocalist and Avant-Garde creator who warmed up Deep- Purple band's tour in Russia Dudabi (Vidi) Dolev.

December 20, inbal dance theater, TLV

Unique features of our shows

Out of the box

Con-Calore Dance Group, led by the choreographer Maya Popova, is distinct due to its confrontation with relatively complex and challenging issues that are usually left untouched. Maya's daring choreographic voice, together with the unique quality of the dancers, who engage to the creative process, leads to a fascinating and extraordinary range of performances that expand beyond the limits of the viewers' imagination.

Dedicated music productions

Con-Calore Dance Group combines costume-made musical pieces, in its performances, created specifically for the Maya's concept of the performance spirit. Each musical piece is constructed and produced with the aim of enhancing the stage presence of the dancers and is constructed as an inseparable part of the performance. At times, the musician performs live during the show to create an audio-visual experience that empowers the show and creates a fruitful and intensifying encounter between mediums.