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Dramaturgist and drama consultant 

Michal meg

Michal Meg is a multi-disciplinary artist with the rare ability to operate both in front and behind the stage. As a unique performer, skilled in theatrical acting as well as movement and dance, she is an important new addition to Con-Calore. Michal has learned acting and modern dance in the USA, movement and choreography at the ‘ADAMA’ movement centre in Israel, visual theatre in Jerusalem and most recently attended acting classes at ‘Tal-Eden’. Michal brings a wealth of experience from the dance industry and has had joint collaborations with the Mystorin Theatre Group, ‘TLV show’, ‘Yalla’ Israeli-Palestinian Theatre and others. In the past few years, Michal has had her own creative pieces showcased, including ‘M.M.M.A’ (a pop-up performance in collaboration with the artist Ahmed Maswadeh); ‘Compulsive colourful thoughts’ (a solo performance in MaSh dance), 'Wandering around the house' (a site-specific performance in the old city) and ‘Angel-Virgin-Junkie-Whore’ a solo performance in Klipa Theatre. 


Rehearsal director

Oksana Bornshtein

Originally from Russia, received her training at the Ballet school of ‘Samara
Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre’ in Russia where she performed as a ballet artist. Oksana later joined ‘Samara College of Culture and Arts’ as a folk dance artist, and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Choreography and Design at ‘The Rimsky-Korsakov St.Petersburg State Conservatory’.
Since moving to Israel in 2017, Oksana has worked as a ballet teacher, choreographer, rehearsal manager and dancer for many dance projects both in Israel and abroad.

She performed in the ‘Nischebrodsky’, ‘Contemporary dance. 25 years’ and ‘Runway’ festivals in St. Petersburg, and participated in the ‘World Dance Olympics’ in Moscow, the ‘Dance Show Championship. Europe Cup’ in
St.Petersburg, and at the ‘Dance Show Championship World Cup’ in Germany, as well as many other festivals.


Music Composer 

Aleksey Polansky

A graduate of ‘The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance' in composition and piano. For over 15 years, he has worked as a dance instructor in the ‘Academy’ in Jerusalem, and around the country as a composer of dance, pianist, bassist, guitarist and percussionist.

Other musical composers that have been collaborated with Con-Calore Dance Group: Michael Agre & Tomer Avraham

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Shimon Bokshtein

Shimon Bokshtein was born in Russia. He graduated and received his BFA Degree from the ‘Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem’ and has curated art exhibitions in Israel and abroad. Currently living in Mizpe Ramon, Israel, he has curated three art exhibitions in his local city. Today he works as a contemporary photographer and videographer and regularly collaborates with dancers and musicians.

Other photographers that have been collaborated with Con-Calore Dance Group:  Valery Lapshow & Gil Volfson


Composer, pianist and music producer

Michael Agre

Born in 1961 in the Soviet Union, Michael has been composing and recording electronic tracks since 1988. With rich and diverse experience in sound, which includes PR on Radio and TV as well as an excellent knowledge of computer MIDI Audio Recording and Digital Edition’s program, it is great to have him on our team.

As a composer, Michael specializes in various areas of music and sound, mastering great abilities in many styles and genres. His main passion, however,  is in electronic and electro-acoustic music. On his creative account, there are works in the fields of symphonic music chamber music, music for movies and animated cartoons [experience since 1986].


He has made music for over 15 performances, including "Lover" for Tel Aviv' s Chamber Theater, "Sender Blank and his Family" for Yiddish Theater, "Apollo's Genesis" and " Azazel" for Festival of Alternative Theater, “Pulsa De Nura” for Teatronetto Festival and many more.


Recently he made music for the electronic ballet "QZ999", "Apocalypse tomorrow" for a prepared violin, two analogue synthesizers and a text reclaimed, "Hidden Light" for a soprano, noise generator and a male choir. Currently, Michael holds the position of Musical Director of the Festival of Cinema Music entitled "Music behind the scenes”.

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