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Maya Popova


Founder, Choreographer, Artistic Director, dancer and teacher

Maya is known for her unique style, choosing dramatic structures of movement, which extend the autobiography of the body. Maya was born in a small town in Russia, finished the professional ballet school in Voronezh as a ballet dancer as well as the St.-Petersburg state conservatory of Rimsky-Korsakov as a choreographer. 

Maya worked as a solo dancer in Saint-Petersburg Yacobson dance theatre, won a prize in the St.Petersburg choreography competition "Agon" on her nomination of the "best women role", created shows for students in Vaganova Academy in st. Petersburg, danced at Moscow ballet theatre and at Adama dance company, worked as a solo dancer and a teacher in the Jerusalem Dance Theatre, created independent contemporary dance projects and collaborated with different choreographers.


She is an experienced international dancer Maya toured around the world with many dance companies. She learned at NDT, at The Batsheva Dance Company and at the Vertigo Study Dance Programs. 

These days Maya is a dance teacher and the choreographer of CCDG. She started creating when she was 8 years old, however the decision to engage in the world of dance with independent creation as a choreographer came later, as she stayed in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel where the quiet life of the desert strongly inspired her.


Michal Bar-Or KArro

Co-Founder, Executive Officer, Brand Developer & Creative Writer

Michal works on the business and strategic development of the Con-Calore, leading the process of brand extension both locally and internationally. 

Michal studied psychology, architecture, international trade and digital marketing management, worked in the Israeli high-tech field, in the art and music industries and spent a few years managing social justice programs for disadvantaged populations in several NGO's. Michal initiated and helped to implement a variety of projects in the local artistic echo-system of Jerusalem and therefore brings to Con-Calore the know-how of new marketing technologies, inspiring management and creative business strategy. 

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