The Con-Calore Dance Group is a contemporary dance group with an urban theatrical style based in Jerusalem. The Con-Calore members started their joint journey in 2017 and have since performed in prestigious cultural events and venues throughout Israel. These include 'The Jerusalem Art Festival' 2019, 'Tel-Aviv Art Museum' 2018, 'Beit Mazia Dance Festival' 2018, 'Jerusalem International 'ResiDance' Festival' 2019, 'Machol Shalem international dance week' 2019, The ‘Gerard Bachar Center’, the ‘New Gallery’, the ‘Shalem Dance Center’, 'HaBait Theater and many more. Most recently, the group has been invited to perform both in Los Angeles and St Petersburg.


Con Calore believes that Jerusalem, as a unique international city, symbolizes the perfect balance between the modern and ancient world - such is the energy within our dance shows.

Led by the artistic view of the choreographer Maya Popova, the style has a unique body language, choosing dramatic structures and motion through emotion, which extends the body creating visual dance spectacles. Each piece has a unique story that aims to uncover the hidden language of dance.


The shows confront relatively complex and challenging issues that are usually left untouched. Maya's daring choreographic voice, together with the unique quality of the dancers, leads to a fascinating and extraordinary range of performances that expand beyond the limits of the viewers' imagination.

The special collaboration between Communication director Michal Bar Or and choreographer Maya Popova enhances the quality of the Con-Calore dance group productions. The group comprises highly professional and qualified dancers who are carefully chosen (for a specific project) in accordance with the concept and needs of each production.​